Apple iPadOS Could Introduce Less Annoying Hey Siri Interface For iPads

Apple iPadOS
One of the drawbacks to using Siri on iPad and iPhone devices is that the digital assistant dominates the display when invoking the AI feature. It does not work that way on Mac systems—Siri appears in a smaller window so that you can see everything else on the screen. Well, with the introduction of iPadOS, Apple could port the same functionality over to its iPad lineup, it was so inclined.

Not only is having Siri appear in a smaller window more convenient, it is also more functional, as it allows users to drag and drop items. As of this moment, though, Siri only appears and functions that way in macOS. However, Apple's VP of software engineering, Craig Federighi, hinted that such a change could eventually find its way to iPad devices.

An Apple user named Juliano Rossi made the request that Siri on iPad devices behave like it does on macOS. Federighi wrote back, and Rossi promptly posted the response on Twitter.

"What you describe is valid feedback. Unfortunately, it's not something we can add in at the last minute, but we will certainly consider it for the future. Thanks for caring!," Federighi wrote.

Federighi's comment tosses a wet blanket over the idea that a more convenient and functional implementation of Siri will land on iPad devices with the initial debut of iPadOS. However, it's encouraging that he said the suggestion is "certainly valid." Perhaps if enough people make the same request, Apple will make it happen.

It seems like an inevitable eventuality, anyway, particularly with Apple still pitching the iPad as a PC replacement (we don't agree with that assessment, but whatever). On top of that, iPadOS introduces better multitasking to iPad devices. Having Siri appear in a window feels like a natural extension of where Apple wants to the take the iPad.

In case you missed it, Apple announced iPadOS at WWDC last week. It is a separate OS release specifically for its iPad devices, with features that are better suited to larger displays. In addition to multitasking improvements, it features new home screen widgets that users can drag around, a file preview function, USB thumb drive support, and more.

The first developer beta for iPadOS is already out. A public beta will go live in July, followed by an official debut in the fall.