Apple "iPad" Leaked Via 30-Second Video Advertisement? Or Not...

Apple has a media event scheduled for this coming Wednesday. That much we know. Otherwise, it's all up to rumors, whispers and wild speculation. We have a pretty good idea that AT&T may lose its iPhone exclusivity, and many analysts are suggesting that a tablet/slate of some sort will make its official debut as well.

Apple's upcoming iPad tablet?  Aspect ratio be damned...

Now, there's a little more believability in that second assumption but a whole lot of intentional mystery behind it as well. A supposed "iPad" advertisement has just leaked out, and while no one will confirm whether it's real or fake, it definitely has the typical "Apple vibe" to it. Based on this video, the iPad looks like an enlarged iPod touch, with a giant touch panel, virtual keyboard and OS X. There's also a variety of ports around the back, which could lead to this being used as a semi-dockable notebook. Wednesday will be here soon enough, but have a peek at the ad below for what could be an early preview - or not.

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