Apple Brings Touch ID And Face ID iCloud Logins To iOS 13, macOS Catalina

Apple is trying out a new way to login to your iCloud account using either Face ID or Touch ID. Both will be welcome login options for users of iCloud, and to use either of the new login methods user devices must be running the iOS 13, iPadOS 13, or MacOS Catalina beta offerings. For users with devices on one of those beta operating systems, they can head to to sign into iCloud using one of the two popular biometric options.

icloud login beta

When the web address mentioned above is visited on devices running the beta operating systems, a pop-up will be delivered that asks if users would like to sign-in to their Apple ID using biometrics. For iPhones with Face ID, that is the method that will be used. On devices with Touch ID, including Touch Bar equipped MacBook Pro and new MacBook Air notebooks, Touch ID is the input method used.

Users on the beta operating systems shouldn't have to specifically type in the web address; they should be automatically redirected to the iCloud beta address. The key benefit of biometric logins is that they don't require two-factor confirmation. Apple has promised in the past that it will make Sign in with Apple tools available to developers this summer with the feature launching this fall.

Signing into using Face ID or Touch ID is said to be much easier than manually entering a password, and is more secure. Anyone who wants to try the beta operating systems needed to take advantage of biometric logins should keep in mind that the software is in beta and issues could occur that make devices unstable. We outlined how users can download iOS 13, iPadOS 13, and macOS Catalina public betas last month. The operating system betas are available for anyone to download.