Apple Hoping To Build Retail Shop In NYC's Grand Central Terminal

One has to wonder if Apple can keep this up.

They've been knocking it out of the park for years now, with quarter after quarter of record growth. At this point, it's doubtful that any other technology company is capable of stopping them. Their stock price is way up, sales are way up, and market share is way up. And when things are going so well, it's easy to justify massive new stores in massive places, to get products and services in front of even more people. That's why Apple's currently awaiting approval from the M.T.A. to build their biggest U.S. store yet in New York's Grand Central Terminal. Hordes of commuters and tourists float through this landmark location, and pending approval, Apple will build a retail shop here to take the place of an outgoing eatery.

Aside from an up front payment of millions, Apple's rent will be around $1.1m per year, giving them 23,000 square feet to hawk Apple gear. Is an Apple Store in Grand Central a nightmare waiting to happen for avid travelers? Or just another must-see tourist spot? And if they can get a store here... where else is one coming?

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