Apple Hints of Upcoming Smart Watch Launch by Filing for "iWatch" Trademark in Japan

Apple has yet to officially confirm plans to launch a smart watch device, but there remains little doubt the Cupertino company is at least flirting with the idea, if not already in the advanced design phase. Serving as further proof that a smart watch is in Apple's future, the company has gone and filed a trademark application for "iWatch" in Japan.

Paperwork was filed on June 3, 2013 with the Japan Patent Office and made public last week, Bloomberg reports. The iWatch patent is for products that fall under the umbrella of a handheld computer device or watch device, though the name itself leaves little doubt as to what an iWatch could be.

iPhone Watch

Citing "two people familiar with the company's plans, Bloomberg says a team of around 100 product designers are currently working on a smart watch that would be able to perform some of the same tasks as an iPhone and iPad. It's unclear when Apple intends to launch an iWatch device, only that a release appears imminent at this point.

Apple won't be alone in the smart category. Samsung previously confirmed it too was working on wristwatch, and Sony's just recently released its SmartWatch 2.0 device built around Android.