Apple Gives Up on 'POD' Trademark Application

Apple has given up on trying to trademark the term "POD" in Canada, the site Patently Apple said on Monday. PA added in the comments below the story that it feels that the abandonment of the trademark quest in Canada is just a reflection of Apple abandoning the quest worldwide.

Apple first filed the trademark application in July 29, 2004. The Canadian IP Office said that the trademark was abandoned on April 13, 2011. PA showed off a long list of responses by Apple to the Canadian IP office, in an attempt to appease the office, but to no avail.

To be clear, this does not affect Apple's iPod trademark. It should put a halt to such things as suing a company over something called the Profit Pod (in 2006, shown above). The Profit Pod could in no way be confused with an iPod; it was a product that made it easier for arcades to figure out how many of those tickets that you trade in for those “valuable” prizes have been spit out by a game.  Of course, the product still exists, so somewhere in between the companies came to an agreement or Apple came to its senses.
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