Apple Founder, Visionary, Genius - Steve Jobs Passes On

As members of the press, we are tasked with telling a story, giving perspective, or relaying a message.  But how do you possibly articulate in words, a message that simply must be delivered with such respect, clarity and importance, that it challenges the very language in which you speak, in order to convey the message properly.  Such is the case at any and all occasions, where loved ones are lost, we suppose. So in a sense, this news, perhaps is no different.  However, Steve Jobs, without question, was an extraordinary man by any measure.

Icon. Visionary.  Founder.  Genius.  These words have all been used to describe and articulate to the world the message of the life and times of Steve Jobs.  They are fitting indeed.

Rest easy brother, father, and husband Steven.  You have made your mark on this world. And it is a finer place with what you've created and left behind. 

Thank you.  God speed and here's to your next creation. 

Apple's page offers a simple message and an email address is available, as you can see in the above image.  You can head to and share your thoughts as well.
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