Apple Finally Restores Developer Site, Extends All Memberships by One Month

After three weeks of downtime, Apple finally finished restoring its Developer website. Apple was forced to unplug its Developer portal back in July after it was discovered the site had suffered a security breach by an "intruder" who attempted to secure personal information from registered developers. At the time, Apple ensured that sensitive personal information was encrypted and couldn't be accessed, but was unable to rule out the possibility of stolen names, physical mailing addresses, and email addresses.

After shutting down the site, Apple began work overhauling its developer system by updating its server software and rebuilding its entire database, hence why it's taken so long to restore.

Apple Developer Website

A week after all this went down, Apple was able to bring back some services, though a full restoration would still be two weeks away. Today things are back to normal, and to compensate developers for the downtime, Apple has extended everyone's membership by a month.

"We understand that the downtime was significant, and apologize for any issues it may have caused in your app development," Apple wrote in an email to developers. "To help offset this disruption, we are extending the membership of all developer teams by one month."

Among the last services to be reinstated include Xcode automatic configuration, access to license agreements, TSIs, program enrollments, and renewals in Member Center.