Apple Drops Patent Claims Against Galaxy S III Mini Smartphone

As the end of the year draws near, it seems that we're starting to (finally) see some grace from the lawyers at Apple and Samsung. As the two were deadlocked in heated trials throughout the year, recently they've caved a bit in what feels like joint efforts to simply move on. Live and let live, as it were. Now, Apple has decided to drop patent claims against Samsung's Galaxy S III Mini -- a high-end phone that bears the Galaxy name that Apple so detests. Of course, it's not just because Apple is feeling completely peachy. The move came after Samsung made clear that it had no intention to sell the diminutive handset on U.S. shores, which is clearly the market Apple cares about most in the patent wars.

Apple disclosed the move on a filing found Friday in a District Court in San Jose, and while representatives from both companies declined to comment, the filing sort of says it all. At this point, all that's left to wonder about is if this is another step in the direction of peace, or if it's simply a diversion. This is no typical phone, given that it won't be on sale in America, but it does bear the Galaxy S monicker that Apple has targeted so heavily. Let's lay down our weapons, guys. Let's innovate, not litigate.