Apple Display Manufacturer AUO Developing Display For Next Gen iPad

The introduction of a new iPad mini model is a foregone conclusion, but what we don't know is what upgrades Apple will make to its second generation 7.9-inch tablet. Will it have a Retina display, or is Apple saving that upgrade for a third generation model? We won't know for sure until Apple officially introduces the device, but expect rumors and leaked photos to hit the web pretty soon.

It's already begun, to some extent. Citing unnamed "industry sources," news and rumor site DigiTimes claims AU Optronics is currently working on panels for Apple's next generation iPad mini device. That's all the details they were willing to share, but if it's true, then it's only a matter of time before one of the workers lets slip a blurry photo, as is often the case.

iPad Mini

Apple left plenty of room for upgrades with its first generation model. The current iPad mini is essentially an iPad 2 in mini trim. The most notable omission is that of a Retina display, which most believe will manifest in the second generation model, so long as Apple can keep the price down. As it stands, the iPad mini is already more expensive than competing tablets in the same/similar size class.

It might also depend on panel yields and Apple's confidence in its third party parts suppliers. The iPad mini, despite being on pace to ship 100 million units this year, has suffered from low panel yields in the past.