Apple Considers Settlement Following Poaching Lawsuit Brought By Battery Maker A123 Systems

If you can't beat 'em, and you don't want to join 'em, then what can you do? Settle, of course! Apple is currently in discussions with electric car battery maker A123 Systems on a settlement over a lawsuit the latter initiated, in which it accuses the former of poaching engineers and other top level talent to build a battery division.

It's been rumored that Apple is working on an electric car of its own to compete with Tesla. Reports have Apple pegged to release its first model in 2020, which is an incredibly short time frame. However, it's believed that Apple's been working on this project for several years now, and by poaching talent from rivals in the industry, it might have been able to skip over years of R&D.

Electric Parking

Apple's car team is reportedly about 200 people strong. Several members have experience working with other car makers and related fields, including Steve Zadesky, a former Ford executive who's said to be in charge of the team.

According to Reuters, Apple on Tuesday asked a Massachusetts federal judge for an extension of time to respond to A123's lawsuit, telling the judge that the company is "exploring potential resolution." It's not known how much in damages A123 is seeking, though considering the company filed for bankruptcy in 2012 and has been selling off assets, it probably wouldn't take a mega-payout to make the lawsuit go away.