Apple Co-Founder Declares Android the Eventual Winner in Smartphone Wars

Steve Wozniak told a dutch newspaper something we already know: Android is awesome. He didn't come out and say it exactly that way, but the Apple co-founder might as well have. Instead, Wozniak told the De Telegraaf he thinks Android will become the dominant smartphone platform in time, eventually catching up to, and surpassing, Apple's iPhone. He likened the situation to that of Windows, which now dominates the PC world, and he sees Android doing the same for smartphones.

That doesn't meant that Wozniak is suddenly sour on his iPhone, and quite the opposite really. Keeping in mind this is translated text, Wozniak told the dutch rag that "The iPhone has very few weaknesses.. When it comes to quality, iPhone is leading."

So what makes Wozniak think Android is posed to take over the smartphone market? Put simply, "Android phones have more features," offer more choices, and the platform isn't encumbered by iTunes, Wozniak explains. Once Android catches up to iOS in overall quality, Wozniak sees Google's platform being the company to beat.

And what about Nokia, the current comeback kid? "The mark of a previous generation," Wozniak quipped. Ouch.