Apple Closes Out the Year with Majority Share of Mobile Web Browsing

While Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox duke it out on the desktop, the browser wars are a little more lopsided in the mobile space, with Apple's iOS platform leading the charge. Apple closed the year out with a majority market share of more than 52 percent belonging to iOS, which is down slightly from the 54.07 percent share it claimed to begin the year, but up from February 2011 when iOS slid to 46.57 percent.

Google's Android platform is the biggest competitor to Apple in the mobile space, but accounted for just 16.29 percent of mobile Web browsing, putting it in third place behind Java ME (21.27 percent). Symbian ended the year sitting in fourth place with a 5.76 percent share, while BlackBerry barely mustered 3.51 percent. All other platforms accounted for 1.07 percent, according to NetMarketShare.

Apple's benefiting in the mobile browser space by owning the most popular tablet (iPad) and one of the most popular smartphones (iPhone). In fact, Apple's iPhone led all mobile devices by accounting for 25.2 percent of all mobile browsing, followed by the iPad (24.5 percent).