Apple CEO Tim Cook "Deeply Offended" at BBC’s Report On Factory Worker Abuse

Apple chief Tim Cook isn't all that happy with a BBC report alleging poor working conditions and the overall mistreatment of workers at its Chinese manufacturing facilities where popular devices like the iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2 are made. The scathing report prompted Apple's Senior Vice President of Operations, Jeff Williams, to send out an email to about 5,000 staff members in the U.K. today saying that he and Cook were "deeply offended" by BBC's accusations.

The BBC report alleged a number of work place violations and poor conditions in general, such as employees falling asleep during 12 hours shifts on the iPhone 6 assembly line, and being repeatedly denied days off en route to working 18 days in a row.


Apple contends that the report is misleading, noting that it tracked the weekly hours of over one million workers in its supply chain. Furthermore, the Cupertino company says its suppliers achieved a 93 percent compliance with the 60-hour limit for working in a single week.

"We are aware of no other company doing as much as Apple to ensure fair and safe working conditions," Apple told the BBC. "We work with suppliers to address shortfalls, and we see continuous and significant improvement, but we know our work is never done."

Apple also claimed it's "very common practice" for workers to take naps during breaks.

Working conditions in China, and at Foxconn in particular, have come under media scrutiny the past few years following a rash of worker suicides. Foxconn vowed to improved conditions, with Apple holding the company's feet to the fire.