Apple Buys Embark Mass Transit App Builder As War Against Google Continues

Apple continues to have a mess on its hands with Maps. In almost every way, it's a subpar product compared to Google Maps, and the kicker is that Apple booted Google from the default map position within iOS 6. When you make a change like that, the world expects whatever you toss in to be superior, and that obviously isn't the case. So, Apple has been working overtime behind the scenes to right the wrong, and while Maps for iOS could still use a lot of work, it appears that progress is being made.

Apple has just acquired Embark, a mapping app that it recommended for users who needed mass transit directions in major cities across the U.S. As it stands, Apple's Maps app still relies on third-party apps to provide directions involving subways and metros, and it's clear that Apple wants that to change. By acquiring this company, it's hinting that third-party hooks just aren't good enough, and that a future edition of Maps may indeed add integrated mass transit directions.

Apple has quietly been on quite the acquisition spree, and there's a solid chance that we'll see some of the fruits of this labor when the next-generation iPhone ships next month.
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