Apple Shells Out $50 Refunds To iPhone Owners Who Paid For Battery Replacements

Apple really stepped in it when it decided to start throttling iPhones with aging batteries without properly informing customers about the practice. When the policy of throttling came to light, many users were outraged and Apple quickly went into appeasement mode. Apple was willing to replace iPhone batteries under any circumstances to make customers happy and analysts warned that the battery replacement program could hurt iPhone sales.

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Eventually, Apple rolled out a new battery replacement program that saw new batteries installed for only $29, which sounded great until the glut of iPhone owners looking for new batteries pushed wait times out to two months. Before that discount program, anyone with an iPhone who paid to replace a battery was shelling out $79 for the task. Apple has now announced that it is giving out refunds to those who paid full price.

You won’t get a full refund, but Apple will give you back $50 making the price the same $29 that it is now. This means anyone who purchased a new battery before December 29 when the new price was announced is eligible for a refund. That is assuming your replacement was done at an Apple store, Apple Repair Center, or an Apple Authorized Service Provider.

Apple will notify customers who are eligible for the refund via email before July 27 with details on how to get a refund via electronic funds transfer or a credit on the credit card used to pay for the battery. If you don’t get notification of refund eligibility by August 1, you can reach out to Apple Support for help.