Apple Bans Toxins Used In iPhone Screens That Could Make Factory Workers Sick

Planning on purchasing an iPhone 6? After you do, you can rest a little easier at night knowing that Apple issued a ban for a pair of chemicals that could potentially cause serious health issues for factory workers when breathing in the fumes. The chemicals are benzene (can cause leukemia) and n-hexane (linked to nerve damage), which had previously been used to make shiny iPhone displays.

Apple launched a four month investigation into the use of the above mentioned chemicals after activist groups China Labor Watch and Green America co-promoted a petition urging the Cuperitno company to stop using benzene and n-hexane during iPhone production.

Apple Store

Four months and nearly two dozen factories later, Apple was unable to find any evidence substantiating the claims that the two chemicals were in some way endangering the half of million factory workers who assemble iPhone devices. Even so, Apple decided to err on the side of caution by voluntarily banning the substances.

Apple is expected to announced the iPhone 6 a press event in September. Based on numerous leaks and filings, it appears there will be two main versions of the iPhone 6 -- one with a 4.7-inch display and a second model sporting a 5.5-inch screen.