Apple Awards Samsung Contract For 14 Nanometer A9 Processor Manufacturing

They say that time heals all wounds, and while Samsung vs. Apple probably won't be entirely patched up in the near future, it seems that the two are beginning to smile a bit more. As the steam from the ongoing patent battles starts to die down, a new report suggests that Apple has agreed to allow Samsung to supply processors for its next-generation iPhone. Specifically, a 14nm "A9" chip.

Recently, we also heard reports that Taiwan's TSMC would begin making Apple processors, so this could be a case of dual sourcing, or choosing Samsung for certain product lines and TSMC for others. These chips probably won't ship in iOS products until the 2015 time frame, so the impending iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 is likely to not use it. The future iPhone 7 or beyond, however, probably will.

One has to wonder, however: when will Apple take all of this CPU making in-house? It's a very vertically integrated company, but relying on rivals for CPU processing remains a sore thumb of sorts.