Apple Announces Free Shipping Until December 22

Apple is spreading some holiday cheer to iDevice fans by offering free shipping on all products ordered online through its Apple store or via the Cupertino company's Apple Store iOS app. There's no minimum amount you have to spend; if it's available for purchase, it ships free to your door until December 22nd.

Somewhat tying into the promotion is a holiday gift guide on Apple's website that has "all kinds of gifts for all kinds of lists." Most of the items are high priced items that would have qualified for free shipping anyway, like the iPad 2 (from $499) and Apple TV ($99), but there's at least one item that wouldn't have qualified: the HEX Icon Watchband for iPod nano ($39.95).

Also in line with the holidays, Apple is offering free engraving to any new iPod or iPad, and signature gift wrapping (signature gift box along with a personalized greeting card and red ribbon) to select items for $5.