comScore Report: Apple And Google Dominate Smartphone Platform Market Share, Google With A Commanding Lead

All you have to do is take a stroll in a public place to see what a new comScore report confirms. Pay attention to the smartphones people are using and you'll see more Android devices than iPhones, though if you're able to discern the specific models, you'll find more iPhones than any specific type of Android device. Such is a short summary of comScore's latest findings for the three-month period ending January 2014. Let's have a closer look.

According to comScore's smartphone spies, 159.8 people in the U.S. owned smartphones during the three-month period referenced above (side note -- we'd like to meet that .8 person). That represents a 66.8 percent mobile market penetration rate. In terms of individual OEMs, the big winner was Apple, which put its iPhone device in the hands of 41.6 percent of the mobile market.

Smartphone Chart
Source: comScore

Where things shift in Google's favor is when looking at platform penetration. Though 4 out of 10 smartphone owners are wielding an iPhone (41.6 percent), around 5 out of 10 -- or 51.7 percent -- own an Android device. After that it's a distant race for third place between Microsoft (3.2 percent) and BlackBerry (3.1 percent).

Samsung Galaxy S5

One of the benefits to dominating the smartphone scene is that it extends over into the web arena, as well. For example, comScore says Google Sites ranked as the top web property on smartphones by reaching 89.4 percent of the mobile media audience, followed by Facebook (86.6 percent), Yahoo Sites (86.2 percent), Amazon sites (69 percent), and AOL (56.9 percent) rounding out the top five.