Apple And Carrier Stores Opening At 8AM On September 21 For iPhone 5 Sales

It's official: if you missed the initial pre-order wave for iPhone 5 shipments, you missed the boat. In just 12 hours after going on sale at 3:01am ET on the 14th, pre-orders everywhere are sold out. If you pre-order one today, you're looking at a 2-5 week wait at the minimum. Apple has been quoted as saying that they're "blown away" with the response, but they said the same thing for the iPhone 4S. And really, did anyone not expect the iPhone 5 to be a hot commodity?

So, if you aren't up for waiting a solid month to get one, and you aren't about to pay $2000 on eBay, what are you other options? Brave the lines and hit retail. Apple Stores as well as carrier stores (Sprint, Verizon Wireless and AT&T in the U.S.) will be opening up at 8am local time on September 21 to sell the iPhone 5. Of course, each store will only have a few phones, and there's no way to know ahead of time exactly how many units will be in your local shop.

There's only one way to get in on the fun early at this point: don't ignore your alarm.
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