Apple AirTag 2 Tracker Tipped For A 2025 Debut With These Upgrades

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It has been three years since Apple debuted its AirTag trackers, and according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman they should finally be getting an update in 2025. Gurman says that development is moving forward with the new device being given the codename B589, and the AirTag follow-up is far enough along for Apple to be doing testing with production partners. For now, it appears as if anyone looking for an upgrade will need to wait until at least the middle of next year.

Unfortunately, details are a bit light regarding what kinds of changes users can expect with the updated tracking device. The only thing that seems to be a sure bet is an improved chip that will make it easier to find items the trackers are placed on. However, Gurman does have his own wishlist of what he’d like to see in an updated version of the AirTag, saying that “personally, I’d like a louder speaker, better battery life and a version optimized for wallets.” Of course, this is just what Gurman wants, not necessarily what will make it to the final device.

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With the initial release of these tracking devices, Apple brought this type of product to an even bigger audience. With this expansion of the market came privacy and safety issues. The biggest being that AirTags were used to unknowingly track individuals, and those individuals often had little they could do to prevent said tracking. This situation should be much improved with the partnership Apple is developing with Google to try and ensure that this isn’t a problem going forward with the new devices.

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