Apple Adopts Intel UMPC Platform

Apple certainly picked an excellent time to partner with Intel.  The two firms have worked together to deliver a wide range of products that have greatly improved the computing experience for “the rest of us.”

It seems that the relationship between the two companies might spawn a completely new range of Apple products: Intel-powered UMPCs.

“People familiar with the matter tell AppleInsider that Apple will soon emerge as one of the largest supporters of Intel's "Menlow" Mobile Internet Device (MID) platform -- the same platform the Santa Clara-based chipmaker has been harping about for the past several months.

More specifically, those same people say, Apple has taken a liking to the upcoming 45-nanometer (nm) "Silverthorne" chip, agreeing to use it in not one but multiple products currently situated on its 2008 calendar year product roadmap.”

Apple entering the UMPC market should prove quite interesting, and we'll bring you more data on their upcoming UMPC as it becomes available.
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