Apple: 250 Million iOS Devices Sold (and Other non-iPhone 5 Facts)

Apple fanatics are on the edge of their seats today eagerly awaiting for Apple to unveil its next iPhone device and let the world know all the gory details. Well guess what? You won't find any of that here, because Apple has yet to officially unveil its next iPhone. That's going to happen in a matter of moments, but in the meantime, here's what we've learned so far from Apple's press event and the various live blogs around the Web.

Over 6 million copies of Mac OS X Lion have roared onto desktops via download since launch. According to Tim Cook, that's equivalent to an 80 percent growth rate over Snow Leopard. For the sake of comparison (and iBragging rights), Cook points out it took Windows 7 20 weeks to land on 10 percent of all Windows machines, while Lion did it in 2 weeks. Impressive.

Apple is all about the numbers and chest thumping today, and it didn't take long for Cook to point out how music lovers have downloaded 16 billion  (yes, BILLION) songs through iTunes to date. On a related note, the Cupertino company has sold 300 million iPod devices so far (which, on another related note, is still around, unlike the Zune -- R.I.P.).

Some other numbers to hold you over:
  • Apple has sold 250 million iOS devices combined so far.
  • There have been 18 billion iOS app downloads to date.
  • MacBook Pro and iMac are the best selling notebook and desktop in the U.S., according to Tim Cook. He notes that the Mac platform has skyrocketed by 23 percent in the last year alone, far outpacing the PC's 4 percent growth rate.

Interesting stuff, all of it, but of course we're all awaiting the big reveal from Apple. Stayed tuned, as we'll be posting more updates throughout the day, including news of the new iPhone.

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