Apple 13-inch MacBook Pro Rumored For Scissor Keyboard Makeover In Early 2020

apple macbook pro
Apple answered its numerous critics earlier this month when it released the all-new 16-inch MacBook Pro, which most notably ditched the incredibly problematic (and loathed) butterfly key switches in favor of the tried and true scissor mechanism. The move back to the scissor switches -- which had been employed in MacBooks prior to 2016 -- has resulted in a slightly thicker chassis, but the reliability and key "feel" improvements are more than worth it.

In what should be a surprise to no one, reports are now indicating that an all-new 13-inch MacBook Pro will be arriving during the first half of 2020 with the same “Magic Keyboard” outfitted with scissor key switches. This should be reason enough to get veteran MacBook Pro users to upgrade their machines at the start of the next decade. If the 16-inch MacBook Pro is any indicator, we should also see the return of the "inverted T" design of the arrow keys along with an ESC key that has been separated from the Touch Bar.

apple macbook pro 3
New scissor key switches in Apple's 16-inch MacBook Pro (credit iFixit)

Like the 16-inch MacBook Pro, we expect that Apple will continue to use 14nm Intel Coffee Lake processors with these 13-inch redesign, albeit capped with 4-core/8-core Core i5 and Core i7 SKUs due to heat constraints and product differentiation. The 16-inch MacBook Pro, with its larger chassis, is configurable with 6-core/12-thread and 8-core/16-thread Core i7 and Core i9 processors.

What is unclear, however, is if Apple will attempt to shrink the bezels on the smaller MacBook Pro and up the display size; like it did with the 16-inch MacBook Pro. In that case, we could be presented with a 14-inch MacBook Pro, which actually doesn't seem too far-fetched at this point, and would put further distance between the entry-level MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air (which also features a 13-inch display).