Apple Terminates RF Engineer After Daughter's iPhone X Video Goes Viral On YouTube

Over the last few weeks you might have seen a video floating around from a girl whose father worked for Apple. The first video that started all the hubbub centered on the girl and her father, who at the time was employed at Apple as an RF engineer (and states in the video he worked with Apple Pay on the iPhone X). That video shows her sitting in the Mac Cafe on the Apple campus with her father and filming a video hands on of her father's company-issued iPhone X.

iphonex face recognition beach

Presumably the father had one because he was on the engineering team working on the internals of the device. How exactly the father thought it was a good idea to allow his daughter to film his personal unreleased iPhone X is a point of debate, especially on the Apple campus. The girl who filmed the videos and uploaded them to her YouTube channel is Brooke Amelia Peterson. She says that she thought it would be ok because the iPhone X had been officially announced and there were other iPhone X hands-on videos out there.

The rub here is that the iPhone X she used belonged to her father and some reports indicate the phone had some sort of employee QR codes on it. At one point her video showed the notes app that had some information on it with regards to code names of products that aren't released. Her father had reportedly worked for Apple for four years, long enough to know that filming an unreleased device on campus is certainly restricted.

The girl says in her second video that she was asked to delete the video by Apple, and that she did. As we all know, once something is on YouTube, especially when it is trending and viral as her video was, there is no removing it. The video is still out there and making rounds. The end result is that her father was fired. She says her father takes "absolute responsibility" for breaking "the one rule he broke." She also says that Apple needs to make sure that everyone "knows the rules".

The beginning of the video is the girl shopping, which does give the impression that the iPhone content in the video was sort of spur of the moment. She is using some pro-level looking video gear though. Anyone wanting to see the iPhone X stuff and not a teen shopping should skip ahead in the video to about 2:51. I'm sure the girl feels bad for costing her father his job, but how either thought this would fly with Apple is hard to fathom. iPhone X orders are underway now, but as we mentioned last week, you might want to skip Best Buy as it is tacking on $100 to the price of the unlocked version of the smartphone.