App Makes iPhone ATT HotSpot Access a Breeze

In late October AT&T finally opened up its hotspots to iPhone users, but it did so by using a rather convoluted system that involves logging in with your phone number and waiting for an SMS with a link to be returned. Devicescape has a app that bypasses all this extra work, and lets you login to an AT&T hotspot with one button click.

You install Easy Wi-Fi for AT&T, enter your phone number, and from that point on it's a simple one-click process.

The app is currently free, and will stay that way until Dec. 5th, but after that, it'll cost $1.99, quite reasonable to never have to go through all that AT&T hassle again.

Devicescape has versions of Easy Wi-Fi for other devices, including laptops, here. The list includes the following:
  • Windows XP and Windows Vista notebook PCs
  • Apple Mac OS X notebook PCs
  • Windows Mobile Smartphones and PDAs with Wi-Fi
  • Nokia ESeries and NSeries phones with Wi-Fi
  • Nokia N810, N800 and N770 Internet Tablets
  • Apple iPhone and iPod touch devices
  • Linksys WIP300 Wireless-G IP Phone

According to Ars, Devicescape plans other operator-specific iPhone connection applications. Company head Dave Fraser said:
"Part of our Easy Wi-Fi for handsets strategy is to really focus on these operator-locked clients, so this AT&T version is actually our first example of one of those, but there are about four others that have already been submitted to the App Store approval nightmare."
How funny (though not unexpected) to hear the App Store process described as a nightmare. Remember, after Friday, the app is no longer free, so download it now.