AOL Reader Jumps in the RSS Ring, Now Available in Beta Trim

Go ahead and add another RSS reader to the growing list of Google Reader replacement candidates. As Google prepares to pull the plug on its popular RSS reader, alternatives (both new and old) have come out of the woodwork, one of the newest being AOL Reader, a rather basic option that's now available to the general public in beta form.

There's nothing complicated about AOL Reader. It's lightweight and fast, easy to navigate, and makes adding RSS subscriptions a breeze. You can also tweak the layout to your liking with a variety of viewing options. For example, you can organize headlines in a list format, have them arranged in a visual grid of cards, an infinitely-scrolling page, or in similar fashion to how you view your email.

AOL Reader

For Google Reader users who haven't yet jumped ship (it sinks on July 1, 2013), there's no specific option to have AOL Reader reach through the web and grab your feeds, though if you export your subscriptions in standard OPML format, it's easy to then import them into AOL Reader.

While the feature-set is a little lacking compared to some of the alternatives that exist, it's not all that different from Google Reader, offering a seamless transition for those who choose to go that route. In addition, AOL plans to add a handful of features, including native iOS and Android apps, the ability to share with other AOL Reader users, integration with third party services, and more.