AOC Delivers (Nearly) Borderless 23-inch Monitor

Bezel? We don’t need no stinking bezel. AOC has a new monitor, the 23-inch i2367fh, and the unit’s facade is almost 100% screen; technically there is a bezel, but it’s just 2mm thick. In general, the monitor is a bit of a looker, with a brushed metal finish on the lower front part and rear of the unit and a slim brushed metal stand to complement the edge-to-edge look of the screen, and the display itself is a svelte 12mm thick.

The IPS display features 1920x1080 full HD resolution, a 50,000,000:1 contrast ratio (which is substantially better than AOC's recently-released e2752Vh), and 5ms response time, as well as a WLED backlight designed to facilitate very low power consumption. The multipurpose stand is detachable, and there’s a pair of 2W speakers on board, as well. Inputs include VGA and HDMI, with HDCP digital inputs.

AOC monitor

AOC bills the i2367fh as ideal for both workstations and gaming setups. Either way, you can snag one of these 23-inch beauties at Amazon or B&H Photo for $199.