Anti-Drone Gun Let's You Pull Drones Out Of The Sky With Tractor Beam Like Precision

In case you haven't noticed, the popularity of drones has simply exploded over the past few years. That's to be expected, as their pricing continues to fall making them more accessible to the regular Joe (or Jill). That growth, however, comes with one big downside: an increased nuisance to the public and law enforcement. Yes, we're entering a time when people will want to do battle with drones, although in Drone Shield's case, no physical damage needs to be done.

Drone Shield

Drone Shield looks like a firearm, but it doesn't shoot bullets. Instead, it can send such an intense signal towards a drone that it will simply lose its bearings and float down towards the ground. This solution is much better than, say, a shotgun, because a shotgun can't typically hit a target 2 kilometers away, and if it does make impact, the drone isn't going to fare too well.

With Drone Shield, a drone will safely land on the ground, allowing investigators (or the owner) to go retrieve it. If an investigator grabs it, the drone will be left intact for forensics' sake, and if a regular user happens to get to the drone before someone else, they can just tote it away and use it elsewhere.

A drone owner's chance of finding the device before whoever else is after it might be complicated, though. As soon as Drone Shield locks on to a drone, the video feed will be severed. It's not clear if that feed will be restored once the drone hits the ground and is no longer under the spell of the Drone Shield.

Given the type of product this is, we'd assume it's targeted primarily at law enforcement and government agencies. Not surprisingly, pricing information isn't currently available. You'll need to contact the company directly to learn those details.

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