Anonymous ‘Hacktivist’ Group Receives $55K Seed Funding To Develop Website

Nowadays, there seems to be a website for everything. But would you believe that there isn't one for the hacktivist group Anonymous? In reality, it's of little surprise, as this is a group that lacks a typical hierarchy - it has no leader, and equal rights among all members. Via social networks, it spreads its developments and findings, and up to this point, it's proven to be quite a successful means in doing so.

However, things are about to change a little bit. Recently, the group behind the @YourAnonNews Twitter account set up an Indiegogo campaign to help raise the funds to launch a website, which would act as a news portal. The minimum target was about as modest as they come - a mere $2,000. But by the end, the campaign raised a staggering $54,638.

So what can you expect to see on this site? Straight from the mouth's of the campaign creators:

"Our goal as YAN contributors will be to take what we have learned over the past few years and create a new environment were content is not determined solely by external sources. We will engineer a new website which will allow us to collect breaking reports and blog postings from the best independent reporters online. We'll provide feeds for citizen journalists who livestream events as they are taking place, instead of the 10-second sound bites provided by the corporate media. Likewise, we know it would be beneficial to our followers to exist as a community beyond simple social media interactions. Many people have asked us to establish a site that accomplishes all of this and we've decided it's time we build it."

It'll be interesting to see how things fare here, because for obvious reasons, governments tend to not favor the Anonymous group too much. However, given that the group's social networking accounts have never been affected in a major way, it seems unlikely that it could ever post something to this website that would cause a takedown to occur. 

There's no mention of a definitive launch date, but the rewards from the Indiegogo campaign ship out in June, so it can be assumed we might see the site launch not long afterwards.