Anonymous Declares Today ‘Troll ISIS Day’ In Global Mocking Campaign

The hacking group known as Anonymous wants your help in fighting back against ISIS, though not by taking up guns or through illegal cyber activities against the terrorist organization. Instead, Anonymous is calling on all web users to post mocking photos of ISIS and generally just poking fun at the terrorist group today, a day that Anonymous has declared "Troll ISIS Day."

Anonymous posted several tips on how to troll ISIS in an online post to Ghostbin. The hacking group is asking for anyone and everyone to post their shenanigans on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and in the real world, if applicable.

ISIS Ducks

The hacking group makes clear that its campaign is open to everyone who's willing to participate, not just supporters of Anonymous. "Do not think you have to be a part of Anonymous, anyone can do this and does not require any special skills," Anonymous added.

Anonymous also offered several specific examples and tips of how to troll ISIS. In addition to mocking the terrorist organization using the #Daesh hashtag, which is a derogatory term for the group, it suggests finding ISIS accounts on social media and getting all of your online friends to report them.

Some of the suggestions include:

  • Post photos of goats while @ing ISIS members with captions talking about their wives
  • Openly call them Daesh [and] get #Daeshbags trending
  • Spread photos of dead/captured ISIS members
  • Post photos of captured ISIS members and mock them

What does Anonymous hope to gain by all of this?

You may be wondering why we are 'trolling' ISIS and planning all these demonstrations against ISIS. But to understand that you must first see how ISIS works. They thrive off of fear they hope that by their actions they can silence all of us and get us to just lay low and hide in fear," Anonymous explains. "But what many forget and even they do is that there are many more people in the world against them than for them. And that is the goal of this mass uprising; on December 11th we will show them that we are not afraid, we will not just hide in our fear, we are the majority and with our strength in numbers we can make a real difference. We will mock them for the idiots they are."

Users have begun answering the call on social media, though mocking ISIS isn't new. One of the trends started by members of 4chan was to replace ISIS members in photos with rubber duck heads.