'Angry Birds' Lite Beta Flies Into Android Market

Angry Birds has arrived on Android, and we don't mean an Android viewable version of "The Birds," either. Instead, we mean the extremely popular iOS game, which has now landed on Android, as announced by the company on Twitter.

The goal of Angry Birds is to shoot, well, Angry Birds with a giant slingshot at the enemy pig houses and destroy the pigs inside. Naturally, each stage is more difficult, and you have to strategize to find weaknesses in the houses.

This is the beta version, but Android users should be happy anyway. The company Rovio said that they had originally been mulling a closed beta. This one is open.
This week, we were planning to run a closed beta test of Angry Birds Lite for Android. Due to the massive response and demand from the Android community, we have decided to make Angry Birds Lite Beta available for everybody through the Android Market this Friday.

Please note that this will be the beta version of the application which is still undergoing final testing before official release. Angry Birds Lite Beta is presented on an "as is" basis, and we cannot guarantee its functionality on every Android device.
Want it? Go get it.

However, there's no guarantee it will run on all devices. The company would like feedback, so please go here and give it to them (there's also a bug button on the main menu). Oh and watch a video of Angry Birds below.