Android's Next Release To Be Called Kit Kat... Yes, Like the Candy Bar

It's true: another Android build is coming. Jelly Bean has been aging quite nicely, but it's about time for another desert to take top billing. And now, based on a new lawn ornament in Mountain View, it looks as if it has a name: Kit Kat. Yes, that Kit Kat -- the candy bar. In what can be described as one of the weirdest partnerships in the technology space, Google has somehow agreed to license the use of the official Kit Kat candy bar for the next build of Android. No money is changing hands, but Kit Kat sure is getting a huge amount of recognition out of the deal.

It's unclear what exactly will show up in Kit Kat, and we're also uncertain what the build number will be. That said, Google would be wise to release it in time for the holidays, and hopefully, it'll find its way onto a few devices soon. Or, perhaps, a new Nexus phone?