Androidify Yourself With New, Free Google App

Google has released a goofy, fun little app into the Android Market, called Androidify. It allows you to create your own Androids; you know, Google's mascot for its smartphone platform.

In fact, the idea of Androidify (and Google has gone so far as to give it its own site) is to turn the Android into you or your friends or family. You can customize the Android you create in a number of ways, including hair, skin color, clothes.  You can even add a Bluetooth headset and a beard if you like.

The app is a joint effort from Larva Labs, the company behind Retro Defense and Slide Screen, and the Google Creative team. Naturally, it's free, but the fact that it's got its own site make us wonder if there are some plans to do something more with these Androids in the future.

Perhaps to take over the world? Or perhaps just to take all of Nokia's market share. You can watch a video below.