Android Warriors: Military And Police To Use iRobot Tablet-Based Control System From The Streets To The Battlefield

Controlling defense and security robots is about to become easier. Robot manufacturer iRobot Corp announced the uPoint Multi-Robot Control (MRC) system for its line of defense and security robots that are used on the battlefield and for law enforcement.

The uPoint MRC is a universal control system for the company’s robots that runs through an Android-based app and will be compatible with a “range of ruggedized and consumer Android-based touchscreen tablets.” Thanks to touchscreen technology, users will be able to drive and manipulate robots in a simplified manner.

"Success as a robot operator during high-stress, critical operations depends on precise and reliable control, so the interface needs to be intuitive," said iRobot senior vice president of its Defense & Security business unit Frank Wilson in a press release. "We've leveraged decades of experience working with robot operators and held dozens of user focus groups to develop the uPoint MRC system. The uPoint MRC system drives mission effectiveness by decreasing training time and increasing overall ease of use. With uPoint, you point and the robot goes."

The uPoint MRC system features a virtual joystick that will users to steer the robot by touching and dragging anywhere on the video feed, autonomous driving modes, and even video recording that will upload recorded footage to the cloud or a secure network.

The company, which also manufactures other robotic devices, such as the Roomba, went on to say that the uPoint MRC system is expected to be available Q2 2015.