Google's First Android Q Developer Beta Rumored To Launch Today

The next version of Google's massively popular mobile operating system is expected to be called Android Q, and we've already seen plenty of leaks regarding the features we can expect to see when the OS lands. One of the big rumors is that Android Q will eliminate the back button in favor of using gesture control. One thing we didn't know is when the operating system will land for users to try out.

android p man

It appears the first chance for Android fans to try out Android Q could be today according to the bug tracker for the beta. The bug tracker for the Android Q beta has just opened up, and in that tracker, a date filter was discovered with today's date: March 11. There is no indication given as to what time the beta might start.

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If you have a Google account, you can hit the link here that turns up in the description for bugs that were previously reported, note that the date filter used limits the search to reports that happened starting March 11. That date string limits searches to reports made by the general public. More users will be able to get in on the Android beta action this time around as reports have indicated that more devices will be able to run the beta update than in years past. If you haven't been following Android Q, we have a rundown on all we know about the OS so far.