Android Q Beta 4 Updates Resume Following Google Pixel Bootloop Mayhem

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The risk with installing beta software is that it is unfinished code, and as such it may contain bugs, sometimes showstopping ones. That was the case with the initial roll out of the Android Q Beta 4 release. Some users had issues installing the update, and so Google took it offline for a bit. Well, it's now available again, presumably with a few less bugs this time around.

"We’ve resolved the issue that was affecting some users when updating to Beta 4, and we’re resuming updates to all Pixel devices today. Thanks for your patience!," Google stated on Reddit.

Google says it is pushing out the new Android Q Beta 4 update (QPP4.190502.019) to all enrolled devices, including those that were able to successfully install the previous release (QPP4.190502.018). Google has also updated its manually downloadable images for developers.

It is not clear what exactly went wrong with the initial release, only that it was causing minor to major headaches for some Pixel device owners.

"Holy crap, this broke my Pixel 2. Can someone help me out? Said the update failed and I have to try again or factory reset," Reddit user InfernalSimian wrote last week. "Like someone else suggested I tried booting into recovery mode. Well, now I'm stuck. I can't factory reset or start the OS, only select these menu options that do nothing."

That prompted Google to temporarily pause the roll out. Curiously missing from the updated announcement, however, is any resolution for users who are stuck in a bootloop. It's also concerning that an issue like this would rear its ugly head so late in the game.

The good news for everyone else is that many are reporting smooth sailing with the updated release. It's available to Pixel device owners, as well as for a range of other handsets, including the ASUS ZenFone 5Z, Essential Phone, Huawei Mate 20 Pro, LG G8, Nokia 8.1, OnePlus 6T, Oppo Reno, realme 3 Pro, Sony Xperia XZ3, Tecno Spark 3 Pro, Vivo X27, Vivo Nex S, Vivo Nex A, Xiaomi Mi 9, and Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G.