Android Market an Outlier, With 57% of Apps Free

App store analytics firm Distimo has released its latest report. The June report covers the Apple App Store for iPad, the Apple App Store for iPhone, BlackBerry App World (Worldwide), Google Android Market, Nokia Ovi Store, Palm App Catalog and Windows Marketplace for Mobile, for May 2010.

The following highlights were noted:
  • More than 50% of applications are priced below or equal to $2.00 in all stores, with the exception of BlackBerry App World (which does not allow apps to be priced below $2.99) and Windows Marketplace for Mobile.
  • The average price of all paid applications and the 100 most popular paid applications in the Apple App Store for iPad ($4.65) is higher than that in the Apple App Store for iPhone ($4.01). However, the average price of the 100 top grossing applications is higher on the Apple App Store for iPhone.
  • Nine out of the ten most popular free applications and eight out of ten most popular paid applications in the Apple App Store for iPhone are (unsurprisingly) games.
  • Both Apple's iBooks application and's Kindle application are ranked among the 10 most popular free applications in the Apple App Store for iPad. Apple’s application is ranked number one however, and Amazon’s application is ranked number ten. It should be noted that once you activate the iPad, it sort of pushes the iBook app at you.
  • Also no surprise: five out of the top ten free applications in Windows Marketplace for Mobile are published by Microsoft Corporation.
  • Google Android Market has the largest share of free applications (57 percent) and Windows Marketplace for Mobile has the smallest (22 percent).
That last point is rather startling, and might make some believe that the Android Market is no place to be if you want to make money. It's an outlier, as the other stores seem to all be aroun 25 percent free, 75 percent paid.

However, Distimo notes that while the Android Market is available in some 46 countries, paid apps can only be downloaded in 13 of those countries. Meanwhile, only developers from 9 countries can distribute them in the Android Market.

On the other hand, we all love the price point free, now don't we? The top free app on the iPad is, as mentioned earlier, iBooks, while on the iPhone it is the game Angry Birds Lite. On BlackBerry it is Pandora; on Android it is Google Maps (followed by Pandora).

On Palm webOS the top free app is Facebook, followed by Pandora. On Nokla's OVI store, the top free apps it the game ZumZum. Meanwhile, on WinMo, it's Microsoft MyPhone.