Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow Finally Hits Struggling BlackBerry Priv On T-Mobile

If you’re one of the few out there running a BlackBerry Priv on T-Mobile’s wireless network, you’ll be happy to learn that the flagship Android smartphone is just now receiving Marshmallow. BlackBerry first rolled out an open beta for Marshmallow in early May for unlocked devices, and the update started heading to carrier-backed Priv smartphones last month.

The new build is designated AAF153 and will update your Priv to Android 6.0.1. In addition, it also brings some performance and stability improvements for the smartphone.

BlackBerry PRIV Open and Closed

This is likely bitter sweet news, as T-Mobile has already bailed on the BlackBerry Priv from a sales perspective. The third-place wireless carrier began selling the Priv in late January, but it has already kicked the smartphone out of its online store, most likely due to poor sales.

A T-Mobile support representative confirmed the Priv’s excommunication earlier this month via Twitter:

An unnamed AT&T exec also came out swinging at the Priv earlier this month, stating that the smartphone is “really struggling” with regards to sales. The exec went on to say, “We've seen more returns than we would like" and that "there isn't much volume growth in the premium segment, where Apple and Samsung dominate.”

When the Priv initially launched back in late 2015, it was priced at a hefty $699 unlocked. Today, you can pick up an unlocked Priv for $399.99 on eBay from qualitycellz. This seller just so happens to be the same company that snapped up unsold Amazon Fire Phones and sold them at rock bottom prices. Could the BlackBerry Priv be destined to the same fate as the Fire Phone — a smartphone that tried to play with the big dogs with a high initial MSRP, only to have that price drastically cut months after launch before hitting the bargain bin on its way to that big smartphone graveyard in the sky? I guess we shall soon see…