Android 5.0 ("Jelly Bean") Expected On Devices In Q3 2012

Google I/O is coming up in June, and there's no doubt that the company will use this to speak on their next-generation operating system. Android 4.0 is still rolling out to devices, so who knows how Android 5.0 is going to play into things. But according to reports, 5.0 won't even start hitting the earliest of devices until Q3 2012. That still gives quite a few months to get v4.0 to dozens upon dozens of Android devices that are still on v2.x. Reportedly, "Android Jelly Bean" will be detailed at Google I/O, but there aren't too many details just yet on what changes it will bring. This whole announcement brings new light to the much-talked about "fragmentation" problem that Google faces.

ICS has been out for months, but even flagship Android phones like the Galaxy S II don't have ICS in much of the world. Hopefully, Google will take a stand and start pushing OEM partners to update faster, but if history is proof, we sort of doubt they'll poke and prod the cash cows too much.