Android 4.0's Codename is Cold: 'Ice Cream'

In terms of Google's names for its Android releases, we didn't expect a change, and we're not getting one. Reportedly, the name for the next unnamed version of Android will be "Ice Cream."  Hopefully you are not lactose-intolerant.

We already knew that Android 3.0, the next major release, would be "Gingerbread," with Android 3.5 being "Honeycomb." Forbes, speaking to a Google partner who was rather loose-lipped, said that ARM President Tudor Brown told them the Android 4.0 name will be "Ice Cream."

It's another frozen dessert. Android 2.2 was dubbed "Froyo," short for Frozen Yogurt. The tradition goes way back for Android, starting with Android 1.5 (Cupcake), Android 1.6 (Donut), Android 2.0 / 2.1 (Eclair).

Although unofficial, being as the report came via ARM, it sounds legitimate. It wouldn't be the first time an Android name was leaked before an official Google announcement: in September, Samsung revealed Honeycomb to be Android 3.5.

Gingerbread is expected to be released before year-end. Honeycomb is expected in early 2011. Ice Cream probably won’t be introduced until mid-2011.
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