Android 4.0.3 Releasing To Devs, Nexus S Getting Ice Cream Sandwich

Great news for Android lovers: more new flavors are available. But only if you have the right cone, as it were. The GSM / UMTS version of the Nexus S will begin seeing Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) hit starting today, and rolling out across the board during the next few months. The Sprint version of the device, using a CDMA / WiMAX radio, isn't included in the opening round. Hackers have already discovered a way to inject Android 4.0.3 onto any Nexus S, but as always, we'd advise you to wait for the real-deal if you value your sanity. v4.0.3 is also going out to developers, with a new of enhancements and bug fixes to boot. The company plans to make that build the one to shop to partners going forward, and it should hit phones and tablets at large "in the coming months."