Android 3.1 Coming To Acer, Asus, T-Mobile Tablets Soon

No one really thought this was unexpected, right? With every new Android release, a slew of devices gets the upgrade. And with the revealing of Android 3.1 at Google I/O, we figured it was only a matter of time before a whole host of Android tablets received the 3.1 update. Sure enough, the first major point release following Honeycomb is now destined to hit Acer, Asus and t-Mobile tablets in the coming weeks / months, placing them a bit behind Motorola's Xoom.

Android 3.1 adds adjustable widgets, better browsing performance and a few other minor adjustments. The Xoom was the lucky one to get it first, and since, Asus has confirmed that the Iconia A500 and Eee Pad Transformer will also be getting the update soon. Plus, the T-Mobile G-Slate won't be too far behind. Get in line, right?