Android 2.2 (FroYo) Breathes New Life Into Dell Streak, Benchmarks Ensue

Dell's fairly recent entrant into the tablet market certainly made a splash when it hit the scene a few months ago, with the company's CEO and namesake randomly making cameo appearances with the device in hand, like one of his one personal private stock toys.  Of course, once we got our hot mitts on it for a proper man-handling, we became fairly attached to the device for all its strengths and weaknesses.  "Approved" we said, but we new there was more potential lying dormant inside.  You see, Dell just wasn't ready to arm the device with a more optimized version of the Android OS, instead opting to release it with a rather unhealthy donut version of the OS (Android 1.6).  Ahh but time heals and our friends at Dell promised us that a decidedly more healthy FroYo OS (Android 2.2) update was on the horizon. 

Dell's Streak - hamstrung by Android 1.6 like a Jets QB sacked by a Patriots Linebacker

Now go see what a difference an OS revision makes...