And The Winner Of Game Of The Year 2011 Is...

Our friend Terry Makedon from AMD (You may know him as CatalystMaker on Twitter), conducted a poll on his personal blog asking gamers to vote on PC Game of the Year candidates. If you tracked our similar poll, which was posted a couple of months earlier, you may have an idea as to which game was most popular, but Terry’s got some interesting observations to share on the subject. From his blog:

We started our previous article with the following statement "What is the best PC game of 2011? Simple - it is the one that gamers vote as their favorite." The gamers have spoken - 1117 of you have voted and there were some interesting observations. Three games dominated the voting with nearly 75% of the votes split between them. The very strong 1 and 2 place finishers came out near the end of the year. Big name title games like Rage, Batman:Arkham City and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare did not do very well with the voting gamers. The final results are as follows:

10 - Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad (<1% of the vote)
9 - Limbo (<1% of the vote)
8 - Rage (1% of the vote)
7 - Batman: Arkham City (3% of the vote)
6 - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (4% of the vote)
5 - Deus Ex: Human Revolution (6% of the vote)
4 - The Witcher 2: Assassins (7% of the vote)
3 - Portal 2 (14% of the vote)
2 - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (26% of the vote)
1 - Battlefield 3 (33% of the vote)

BF3 Runnig In Eyefinity Mode

Our poll, which only had a handful of candidates and grouped Skyrim in the “other” category seems to jibe with Terry’s. But what do you all think? Are there any gems we’ve missed, or does this list pretty much sum up PC Gaming’s best of 2011?