And The Country With The Most 'Net Hooligans Is...

Ladies and gentleman, the award for the country with the most 'net hooligans goes to: The United States. At first glance this might seem to be suspect information, but the study was conducted by the trustworthy folks who make Norton Anti-Virus (amongst other products), Symantec.

"Researchers at the security software company found that about a third of all computer attacks worldwide in the second half of 2006 originated from machines in the United States. That makes the United States the most fertile breeding ground for threats such as spam, phishing and malicious code _ easily surpassing runners-up China, which generates 10 percent of attacks, and Germany, which generates 7 percent. The United States also leads in "bot network activity." Bots are compromised computers controlled remotely and operating in concert to pump out spam or perform other nefarious acts."

What's next? Mexico being crowned MMORPG gold farming capital of the world?

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