And Pesto! Foodini Is A 3D Printer That Prints Edible Food

We have seen 3D printers that can create all manner of objects from tabletop figures to small sculptures and, even more terrifying, ammunition for 3D-printed guns. But now there is the Foodini, a 3D printer that is being developed, which will print food.

According to CNN, Natural Machines showcased the Foodini at the Web Summit technology conference in Dublin. The device uses edible ingredients that are squeezed out of stainless steel capsules and is capable of printing a range of dishes from sweet to savory. However, the Foodini doesn’t work like a Star Trek replicator where, with a push of a couple of buttons, the food is instantly made for you.

Image Credit: Natural Machines

Owners will be required to prep the food and put it into each capsule. From there, the 3D printer will print out the required food. But while it is capable of printing out pizza or even something more technical such as filled pasta, users will still have to cook the finished product. However, the company is working with major food manufacturers to help create pre-packaged plastic capsules, without preservatives and a five-day shelf life, that will do away with the prepping altogether. The company will also be developing a model that will cook the food to be released sometime though no timeframe has provided.

As for what recipes and various foods you can cook, the Foodini comes with a touchscreen on the front that will be connected to a recipe site. In addition to sharing and getting recipes off of it, users will also be able to control the device remotely with a smartphone.

Image Credit: Natural Machines

For now, though, the Foodini is being catered to professional kitchen users with a projected retail price of around $1,000. However, Natural Machines, which is completing a round of financing, says that a consumer version will follow. The company plans to begin mass manufacturing of the Foodini during the second half of 2015.