Analogue's 24-Karat Gold, $5,000 NES Proves Excess Is Best, Celebrates Zelda's 30th Birthday

The original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) debuted at $200 when it was released in the U.S. market over three decades ago. Gamers have since moved on to faster and more powerful systems since then, though if you're feeling nostalgic for old school NES action and want to go the luxury route, a company called Analogue will happily sell you the original NES guts in a fancy new chassis. They'll even gold plate it!

Never heard of Analogue? The company made a name for itself by selling a luxury console that plays original NES cartridges. Unlike many of the cheap NES alternatives out there, Analogue's uses the original hardware CPU (Ricoh 2A03) and PPU (Ricoh 2C02) that Nintendo did back in the day. That means players can expect the exact same gaming experience they remember without any weird side effects.

Analogue Nt Gold Plated

It also uses identical controller ports, along with the original Famicon expansion port. There are no blinking lights on the thing, no lockout chips, and no region limitations. The console itself is precision fabricated from a single, solid block of aluminum—it's essentially an NES that's all grown up.

That's a $499 system we're talking about. If you didn't already spit your coffee on your monitor, take a moment to swallow that last gulp. All gone? Good, because if you're interested in the new 24k gold plated Analogue Nt console, it will cost you ten times as much—$4,999!

Analogue Nt Gold with Legend of Zelda

Analogue is releasing just 10 gold plated (inside and out) consoles to celebrate the Legend of Zelda's 30th anniversary. Every unit comes with an original, gold colored Legend of Zelda cartridge, along with a premium limited edition box, RGB or HDMI upgrade, and full cable set or HDMI cable.
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