An Update on the Wal-Mart iPhone

It appears the $99 iPhone from Wal-Mart we told you about was in fact too good to be true. However, the big-box retailer does appear to have plans to offer the iPhone 3G at a discounted price. Don’t go getting too excited, though: The discount isn’t much. In fact, it’s a mere $2 under what you would get from AT&T.

According to Apple Insider, a few Wal-Malt stores have jumped the gun and are starting to advertise Apple's iPhone 3G before it’s officially rolled out later this month. Various readers have reported window decals and cardboard display jackets such as the one shown that would indicate the iPhone 3G is in fact coming to Wal-Mart.

The advertisements in combination with a leaked memo given to Engadget give us the majority of the details we’ve been waiting to hear. According to the document, Wal-Mart will begin offering the iPhone 3G on December 28th at 9am. Many websites have said that Wal-Mart’s subsidiary, Sam’s Club, will be getting the phone as well. What’s more, not all locations will stock the iPhone; a subset of approximately 2,500 Wal-Mart locations and 69 Sam’s Club locations are expected to carry the device.

At launch, the 8GB ($197) and 16GB ($297) iPhone 3G models will be available. It appears the discount stops there, though: you’ll still have to sign a 2-year AT&T contract with the phone, so really, you won’t be saving much over going to an AT&T store. But hey, who are we to stop you if you need to make a quick run for some drinks and an iPhone?

Image source Engadget